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ExLibris Bullmastiffs began in 1995 with the purchase of my first bullmastiff Elsa. With Elsa, I fell in love with this wonderful breed. I have been a member of the American Bullmastiff Association since 1995 and served as its Public Information Chair from 2000 - 2004. I am currently serving as the organization's First Vice President.  I love this breed and believe that it is my duty, as an owner and a breeder, to do my best to preserve the wonderful qualities that make the bullmastiff so special.

We believe in breeding sound, healthy dogs that conform to the bullmastiff standard. We are not interested in producing as many puppies as possible, nor do  we believe that every bullmastiff, even every "finished" (champion) dog should be bred. Instead, we believe in breeding only when we feel a breeding would contribute to the breed as a whole. Bullmastiffs are not the breed for everyone and for this reason, there are already too many bullmastiffs in need of good homes. We are adamant supporters of bullmastiff rescue and encourage you to support rescue as well.  If you are not interested in a show dog and don't want all the work that comes with a young puppy, please think about adopting a rescue dog!

While we love for our beautiful puppies to prove themselves in the show ring, we feel the most important place for any dog to be is in a home where they are well-loved and cared for. If you feel you can provide such a home, please email me about future litters.


Emily romping with 3-year-old in Vermont.


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